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23 November 2020
Triple Helix Summit 2020 | Virtual Brokerage Event

The Triple Helix Association Summit 2020 goes virtual

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This year, the III International Triple Helix Summit (24 to 26 November) is connected to Triple Helix Summit 2020 | Virtual Brokerage Event on 23 November, an Enterprise Europe Network event. The Brokerage Event is free of charge, but you can now register to the Summit at a special price.

How to register for the Brokerage Event + Triple Helix Summit at a 50% discount? 

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The Triple Helix Association

The  Triple Helix Association (THA)  is a non-for-profit, non-governmental association with scientific purpose and a global reach. 

Its main scope is to  advance the scientific knowledge and practical achievements related to all aspects of the interaction between academy-industry-government (Triple Helix)  for fostering research, innovation, entrepreneurship, economic competitiveness and growth. 

THA activities range from the development and debate around top class scientific studies, by means of  conferences, summits  and  awards; the networking among both leading education & research institutions and stakeholders to foster a wide dissemination and uptake of the scientific findings by means of  publications, academic  journals  and  co-operation projects; the support in translating academic models into practical achievements by enhancing capacity building of students, researchers and practitioners. 


Noema is a Professional Congress Organization that has been dealing with events management and public relations at national and international level for over 20 years.

In the field of events organization, Noema offers a complete range of essential services: strategic consultancy, organizational consultancy, communication and promotion.

Noema main activities can be grouped in 3 macro reference areas: Medical-Scientific, Companies and Associations, Cultural.

Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna
Department of Management

The Department of Management aims to increase and disseminate the managerial culture, fostering innovation.

The Department is a point of reference for teaching and research in the fields of Business Economics, Economics of Financial Intermediaries, Economics and Business Management, Business Finance, Engineering Management, Business Organisation and Commodity Sciences.

With 4 different structures, the Department of Management counts over 100 professors, researchers and research assistants, as well as 16 technical and administrative staff.


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